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Vinyasa Yoga | Meditation | Restorative | Mindfulness | Chakra Healing

  • What does your mind, body & spirit need from you today?

  • What investment in yourself and your energy does the future version of you need you to make for yourself today? 

  • What messages is your body sending you? 

The benefits of a private yoga class

There are numerous benefits to taking private yoga lessons, check some out below: 

One-on-one attention

No class can offer the individualized attention that one-on-one yoga lessons at home can.

  • Your class and program will be tailored specifically to you and your needs from yoga

  • Each class will be designed based on your unique goals

  • I can stop when you need to stop, spend more time in areas that need more focus and change course course when necessary

  • Ask away! I will answer questions as they arise

  • And add depth specifically to the challenges that you may be facing off the matt

This is what private online classes are all about! 





Ability to find balance and energise on-the-go

I understand the demands that a professional lifestyle can have; staying late at work and struggling with the commute to your class or trying to sandwich wellbeing into your busy lifestyle whilst you make that transition to a calmer lifestyle. 

Wherever you are on your journey, it’s important to continue your yoga practice. It's the busiest times that yoga will benefit you the most, allowing you to reconnect with you, your energy and finding space to see clearly. 


All you need is you, your mat and a stable internet connection - and we are good to go!

Design your unique blend

Light some incense. Dim the lights. Choose your own music. Create the perfect space for you to find your version of your inner calm.                      

Don't feel comfortable practicing in a group? and that’s okay.

Fits to your schedule

Private sessions allows you to practice catered to times that fit your schedule. 

This means you get to keep your other responsibilities and manage your wellbeing according to your schedule. ​

A private yoga class is a chance to deepen your practice and create transformation to your mind, body and spirit.

Yoga is much more than the practice you take on the mat!

A private yoga session can also help you to explore how you can practice yoga off the mat too.

Some of the challenges that yoga can help you with are:

  • Reduce symptom of anxiety​​ and create tools for stress management

  • Managing Insomnia

    • practicing yoga can help to balance the energy and restlessness that stops you from falling asleep

    • releasing tensions in the body where they would normally create discomfort 

  • Build inner strength to deal with life's challenges

  • Find inner peace to manage overwhelm when life's pressures get too much 

  • Balancing the masculine and feminine energy that govern our ability to be creative as well as execute on tasks

  • Discover your sense of self to know what is important you

  • Find your voice to speak your truth

  • Loosen your grip with perfectionism! 

Now, let me clear some myths up...

You DO NOT need to be flexible, strong, fit or have balance! Neither do you need to be young, old or enjoy a slower pace of fitness!

If you can breathe...You can do Yoga! 


Yoga provides the Yin to your Yang!  Creates flow to structure!


Brings balance to chaos! Allows space for you to grow!

Yoga is "The very heart of your practice - abhyasa; the steady effort in the direction your heart wants to go" 

Any questions? Give me a hola...there is never too big or small a question!

What My Clients
Say About Me

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I've come away with a toolkit for me ...that's great for me

I have practiced yoga for decades and had not previously experienced some of the amazing types and techniques introduced to me by Sinead. Personalised yoga designed for your bodies needs at that very moment in time is the ultimate luxury and most beneficial type of self-care I have ever experienced! I’ve come away with a toolkit for breath work, meditation, types of yoga and poses great for me and I use it daily.

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