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Do you....

  • struggle to visualise what you want from life?

  • hold onto expectations of others that hold you back from living your truth?

  • rely on logical reasoning rather than listening to your intuition?

  • tend to overthink situations?

  • tend to get overwhelmed?

It can feel easier to believe the mistruths and stay small, rather than challenge our belief system, to allow yourself to feel and process the emotions.

In yoga philosophy, we learn that there are different ways to reclaim our power and regulate our emotional responses.


Allowing yourself to feel and let the voice of our intuition to come to surface is done through The Third Eye Chakra (Ajna).

As the mind becomes healthier, so does the physical body. When we only see obstacles, we limit the opportunities creating a feeling of "trapped" or "stuck".


When we release the blocks and limiting beliefs, all senses get a spring clean too and open up the portal to the spiritual realm. We start to see the reasoning behind challenges and find a greater meaning, shifting our perspective, and creating light in a dark tunnel.

Struggling to visualise can be a sign that this third eye chakra is out of balance.


Creating balance in this energy centre, can help to provide greater clarity.  


Are you ready to Visualise your Dream Life?

Explore the following options and see which resonates with you. 


Physically manifest your wildest dreams!

Connect thoughts to your vision & get super clear with your direction.

Starting with a meditation you will create space for the creative energy to flow & then connect in with what lights you up! You will leave with your unique vision board.

Creating a Mood Board
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Around Derbyshire. 
Follow link for available dates + locations

selected dates available online.
Follow link for available dates

Tailored for individuals seeking inspiration + focus, but unable to attend my in-person workshops.

This on-demand workshop offers visualization exercises, hands-on activities, and guidance to help bring your vision to life.


Sessions are available online and in person (depending on location - please enquire for more information) 

What My Clients
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Vision Board Workshop

I have been to two vision board workshops with Sinead over the past couple of years and found them both very inspiring. It was useful to reflect on the first vision board I created, and to see that a year later, I had spoken much of my first vision board into existence.

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