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Creating Dream Life Strategies



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Hi, I’m Sinéad 

A multi-passionate life design coach and yoga teacher here to help you discover an alternative way to living your life.
I bridge 15 years of corporate experience with over a decade of holistic therapies to support busy professionals who feel stuck, overwhelmed and uninspired in designing and living their dream life. 

My purpose is to provide a safe space for you to ground your energy, embrace your emotions, claim your personal power, love all facets of your being, speak your truth, design and live your dream life.

Owner + Yoga Teacher of Sinead Robertson Coaching


Sounds unreal?

I don’t blame you! I felt the same when I started on this journey. Which is why I am here to support you in a holistic manner every step of the way.  

How can we work together? 

Dream Life method - 7 weeks bespoke coaching package that will take you from stuck and overwhelmed to living your dream life. 

“I help you to reconnect with your inner self, awaken & step out of your comfort zone, & build your strategy to transition from corporate to living your dream life”

A Holistic Approach to Coaching
Wellbeing and spiritual development has been the Yin to my corporate experience. And that is what I bring to your coaching sessions. A balanced approach.  
I work with you in a holistic approach which means that we can access your full potential through working with your mind, body and spirit. Every aspect is interconnected with one another and thus provides an environment for transformational change.

Working with you holistically means we can find the key to unlock your potential, discover your most inner desire, connect with what you truly value and find inner peace amongst the journey to your higher being.

Take a moment and imagine what your true potential could be, if you allowed yourself to break through the chains that have held you back...

Listen to your body

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made everything so simple but effective 

Sinead made everything so simple yet really effective, challenging me where it was needed and helped me take those first steps in putting myself out there for my business running my own classes to make an income and getting clients who are interested in workshops and 1 to 1 work for the future.

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Qualified Life, Business & Mindfulness Coach.

My role as coach is to challenge your belief system in you, but with the empathy we all need when we venture out of our comfort zone.  

Mindfulness has enabled me to deal with calming the mind, managing state, and to practice my spiritual development.

Reversed Namaste

Yoga Teacher

Bringing balance into my lifestyle became a necessity for my wellbeing. I fell in love with Yoga and decided I needed to explore the concept of the mind, body and spirit being connected and in balance. I've been inspired by the teachings of the Yoga Sutra, and the importance for alignment to be our best versions of ourselves.  

Business Strategy and corporate experience

Corporate Experience

I have been through the joys, pains and challenges that a pressurised environment creates. So I understand the obstacles that you may need to overcome.

CIMA Qualified & Business Partner experience, I believe strategy is key to achieving your goals. 

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