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Here's a little about my journey...

Owner of Sinead Robertson Coaching

I’m a multi-passionate coach that made her way up the corporate ladder believing that she had it all figured out by her mid-twenties. After almost 15 years of working in the corporate sector I felt stuck in a world of “should’s and musts”, living someone else’s version of success

Although I was working late hours and weekends to keep my head above water, I knew deep down that there is a greater purpose waiting for me out there.  
Honestly, I was too scared to take the leap of faith. My mind was telling me that I was not knowledgeable or confident enough but there was another voice in the background always wondering: what if…? 

It was that shy yet powerful voice that guided me towards a path of self-discovery. I didn’t know where this road was going to take me but I knew for a fact that I am here to live a purposeful life. 

Throughout this journey I discovered Yoga, Reiki, and many other holistic practices. Some worked, others didn’t but I was on a mission to experiment with everything first hand and only bring to you the most efficient tools to design your dream life. 

Wellbeing and spiritual development has been the yin to my corporate experience and it’s the balance between the two that makes my coaching style unique. My purpose is to provide a safe space for you to ground yourself, embrace your emotions, claim your personal power, love all facets of your being, speak your truth and live your dream life.


Sounds unreal? I don’t blame you. I felt the same when I started on this journey. Which is why I am here to support you in a holistic manner every step of the way.

My mission: Empower stuck/exhausted professionals with holistic tools to design and embody their dream life. 


My purpose: To provide a safe space for you to ground your energy, embrace your emotions, claim your personal power, love all facets of your being, speak your truth, design and live your dream life.

So a little about what I love...

I love helping people create their life full of freedom, whether that be working with you to create your dream business, or to help you set yourself free. We all have this amazing energy to give, and I love finding the inner goddess within every one of you, and to see YOU SPARKLE!

I feel most free when out in the mountains taking in the natural beauty our world has created.

I love dancing to anything with a beat, and feel most centred on the yoga mat.

I am passionate about wellbeing and raising awareness of mental health in the workplace.

I am a Business and Mindfulness Coach with a spiritual twist.

I am a Yoga teacher and I love learning about the beauty and power of our energy system. 

Sinead x


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What My Clients
Say About Me

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made everything so simple but effective 

Sinead made everything so simple yet really effective, challenging me where it was needed and helped me take those first steps in putting myself out there for my business running my own classes to make an income and getting clients who are interested in workshops and 1 to 1 work for the future.

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