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Does this sound like you?

You're so unhappy in your life and no longer want to just settle.

​You feel so completely out of touch with yourself.

Feeling stuck, unmotivated and unable to take action. 

And search for the answers through podcasts, the internet, self help books, even mirroring other people you look up to.

But you are left feeling exhausted, burnt out and struggling to rest.

The relationship you have with yourself, others and finance suffer as you distract yourself from how you're truly feeling.

Constantly experiencing anxiety attacks. Comparing yourself with others who seem to have it all. 

Whilst all the time you put others before yourself?  

Finding excuses whilst living in “someday”. Someday I will… 

Owner of Sinead Robertson Coaching

Now ask yourself...

how much is this life costing you?


  • Finding a sense of stability and connection with yourself. (Root Chakra) 

  • Consciously embracing the full spectrum of emotions. (Sacral Chakra) 

  • Stepping into your personal power. (Solar Plexus Chakra) 

  • Loving all facets of your being. (Heart Chakra) 

  • Bravely speaking your truth. (Throat Chakra) 

  • Fully trusting your inner knowing. (Ajna Crown Chakra) 


All whilst living your best life! 

You see…playing small may seem comfortable now but it will cost you much more on the long term. Every moment spent in a life that no longer suits you takes away precious time and energy. 

Are you ready to invest in yourself and live your best life? 

I’m here for you! 

No matter what part of your journey you’re at, your package will be tailored to your unique needs. Together we’ll discover the abundance of resources you already possess and create a road map that will help you reach your dream life.



Holistic: supporting all facets of your being. 

Bespoke: suited to your needs and busy schedule. 

Empowering: giving you the tools needed to thrive. 


Dream Life Design Method : 7 Step Coaching Package 

Root Chakra: Find a sense of stability and safety in the body. 
Sacral Chakra: Embrace all spectrum of emotions 
Solar Plexus Chakra: Claim your personal power. 
Heart Chakra: Learn how to love yourself 
Throat Chakra: Bravely speak your truth. 
Third Eye Chakra: Trust your inner knowing.
Crown Chakra: Design your dream life. 

Are you ready to design & live a life beyond your wildest dreams?

I'm a Holistic Coach and Yoga Teacher who specialises in helping professionals get clarity on what they truly want from life, reconnect with who they truly are, and disconnect from a life of unhappiness. I teach busy professionals who feel stuck, overwhelmed or uninspired in their corporate setting to discover what their true purpose in life is, to release the energy blockers that are holding you back from making your dreams happen & create the strategy to build your dream life without burning out.

What I can offer you...

​No matter what part of your journey you are at, your package will be bespoke to you and your needs, because YOU are unique.

I come from a place of complete respect for you. This is scary! But...this is YOUR life and if you have got this far, then congratulations for seeing that there is another way to live your life. But you do not need to do it alone. 

Here's how we will work together...

1 x 90 min strategy session

Together, we'll get super clear on what stage in your journey you are at, the challenges you have already faced and where you want to be. 

From here, we'll design a road map that is bespoke for you and your needs that will open, balance and strengthen your energy centres.

7 x 60 min coaching/ therapy sessions

Each session will focus on a stepping stone of your roadmap aligned to your energy centres. You will leave with an action plan and homework to work through in between sessions. The tasks that you complete will ask you to go deeper than you have ever gone before; raising greater awareness in the parts of you that you didn't even know existed as well as strengthening the areas you do. 

7 x 60 min yoga/ movement  sessions

The mind-body connection helps to raise greater awareness of our shadow self as well as forming greater bonds to who we truly are. Each session will be focussed around your 7 energy centres. 

We will use a variety of techniques that you feel comfortable with. 

Yoga | Meditation | Reiki Healing | Tarot Guidance 

Sessions Online via Google Meet/ Zoom or In person (on enquiry)​


  • Shadow and exploratory work to complete in between sessions. 

  • Tools and techniques so that you leave our coaching relationship feeling empowered and energise to live out your evolved life.

  • Unlimited messaging/ voice note support in between sessions

Not sure if this package is the right length for you? or maybe you're not so ready to try Holistic therapy just yet?


That's OK! We will adapt the package to suit you. ​Or even check out my single coaching sessions!



Life Design Coach + Yoga Teacher. Click here to book your free discovery call


towards your Dream Life

Life Design Coach + Yoga Teacher. Click here to book your coaching session

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Life Design Coach + Yoga Teacher. Click here to book your Reiki Session

Reiki is a type of energy healing  improving the flow and balance of your energy by releasing stagnant energy which supports healing.

Life Design Coach + Yoga Teacher. Click here to book your Spiritual Guidance Session

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What My Clients
Say About Me

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made everything so simple but effective 

Sinead made everything so simple yet really effective, challenging me where it was needed and helped me take those first steps in putting myself out there for my business running my own classes to make an income and getting clients who are interested in workshops and 1 to 1 work for the future.

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