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Why its more than “Just” Doing it!

Just do it! a simple slogan that Nike has created its billions from.

Such a clever slogan. And so why wouldn’t you Just Do It ?

And yet for many people (including myself), the word Just can be so triggering.

It's such a simple word; adjoining sentences, a word which describes the act of making something right in the world.

So why would you find the word so triggering?

So I took the time to reflect on this word. And here are my thoughts.

Just implies simplicity.

Just assumes that you possess or beleive that you possess the skills, the belief system and / or tools to “simply” take action.

whether you;

  • Just dance and move or respond to an emotive sound;

  • Just stand up and express your truth,

  • Just say how you truly feel

  • Just say No….

  • or whatever action you want to Just BE, DO, FEEL, SAY…

What if ....

➡️ you haven’t been taught the skills required to Just Do It?

➡️your belief system conflicts with the belief system required to Just Do It?

Lets, take an example; “Just say what you feel”

Perhaps as an individual, you have reached adulthood believing that you will be ridiculed for saying what you feel? perhaps as a child you were taught to ignore negative emotions to be “strong”, or what if you were not given space to speak? “children should be seen and not heard”.

As an adult, “Just saying it” is no longer so simple, so easy right?

And you may say, but you are an adult now, and so that excuse holds no bearing now?!

WRONG (not often I will say that word 🫢) but here is why 👇

We are amazing clever humans with an internal safety feature protecting our soul from being hurt!

In the process of becoming an adult, our child self has created tools and techniques to protect itself from potential danger. A danger that was perhap initially perceived as child without the FULL information.

So let’s break down the statement that you asking your body to respond to:

To simply say what you feel, the mind, body and soul connection must be able to:

  • to recognise how the body feels;

  • feel safe to experience emotions and sensations;

  • have a sense of worthiness to put your needs first.

  • feel that your feelings, emotions and needs have value.

  • feel comfortable in saying the words they want to say,

  • feel heard

  • feel they have a right to express their feelings

  • possess the tools and techniques to manage any opposing energies such as potential judgement or difference in opinion,

Each of these steps are so intricate and personal to each individual, that each step could be a trigger to the nervous system to respond providing safety for the body.

So how does the nervous system respond? Yay!!! welcome to your internal protection system:

Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn response.

Which one will it choose?

Well, only your nervous system, influenced by all of your experiences added together will decide.

  • Fight! Let’s do this!!! I know it won’t be easy, but I am committed to working through this challenge.

  • Freeze - perhaps feeling numb to any uncomfortable experience

  • Flight - avoiding or running away from uncomfortable experiences.

  • Fawn - Avoiding the danger through pleasing and appeasing the threat.

So Just DO-ing it….Perhaps we should replace it with “Just DO it - once you have the tools + belief system” but not really got the same ring to it 😆

But perhaps we can be kinder to ourselves, that if we notice resistance in “Just doing” an action, that it may require some smaller steps to get there.

So, how can you recognise when you need some further steps to “Just Do it"

  1. you may notice resistance

  2. find yourself saying “this is the way I AM”

  3. or “i don’t know how”

  4. avoidance

Ahhh so many ways 🙈

And once you are AWARE....perhaps you will love yourself enough to make the change that you deserve! So you can JUST do it!!

So I would love to hear from you…

  1. Does this message resonate with you?

  2. if you do resonate, how do you know that cannot Just Do it

  3. and if you could JUST DO IT, what would you do?

If you are curious on how coaching can support you to JUST DO IT, then book in your free discovery call below.

And remember….

You can JUST DO IT ….in as many steps as you like!

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