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How to become the director of your life!

5 tips to claim back your control, design and live your dream life with freedom to do all the things that make you really happy and become the director of your life.

Imagine living a life with freedom to do all the things that make you really happy, being so happy with everything that you have created, having all that you have ever needed.

Now imagine being in control of that life, making all the shots.

Now claim this role! It’s yours to claim if you wish to take the challenge!

🎬The creating part of being in the director’s seat can be fun, exciting and empowering, knowing that you get to be the person that makes the decisions of how your life will look like.

Now this doesn’t mean to say the journey towards this story will be free of obstacles. But getting clarity on your character in the storyline and where you are heading will help you make those difficult choices you are faced with, and to get back on track.

Throughout this blog I hope to inspire you;

  • that you too can create a life that has meaning to you.

  • to treat the journey of getting to this creation with compassion, excitement and inner strength.

  • on how to visualise the story you first wish to create, and how you can connect with your vision.

Becoming the director of your life is like writing your story.

And every good story has a beginning, middle and an end.

🔹The beginning is where you are right now🤷🏻‍♀️and finding acceptance of your current situation is key to moving forwards. This acceptance will allow you to invest your time in how to become the future version of yourself. Acknowledge how you are feeling (whether that is anxious, uncomfortable, fed-up, stuck, exhausted). Depending on how you are feeling, you may require a short term solution to find safety and stability.

🔹 In some ways the end is the most important part of the story. But it's only important in the sense that it creates your anchor, the destination of where you are heading, the outcome that you would like to achieve.

The end is about the something that you wish to create, whether that is yourself, life or a venture.

TIP…Just to make life a little more confusing 🤯, it’s also important to not become too attached to an outcome. As you move towards your vision, perhaps the vision changes as you learn about who you are and what you are capable of, or the feelings within the vision can be achieved through a slightly different setting 🤷🏻‍♀️

Although the end is the outcome of all the hard work that you have invested in your creation, the middle part is the hardest part where you evolve.

🔹The middle part of the story is the journey that you embark on to reach the end. This is where the drama happens, the part in the story with twists and turns, lessons, hurdles, discomfort and pain. But it’s also the part where growth exists. Where you move out of your comfort zone and experience change. Where you move from where you are right now to where you wish to be.

The middle part can be likened to being on a rollercoaster 😲

Sometimes perhaps exciting! But it can also feel dark, unknown, scary and alone, like the foundations will crumble beneath you.

And in these times, there are two major tools that I take out of my tool box:

  1. Scanning my existence to remind myself of my inner strength, that these moments soon past and I am abundant in resources to navigate my way through.

  2. My WHY! The VISION!

➡️ Having a focus that can remind you every day on how to best spend your time;

➡️ linking the challenges faced to where you are heading and as a small dot in the timeline.

➡️ seeing the challenges you will face in a lighter and more fulfilled perspective.

➡️ support you to navigate through the decisions that you will face

So here are some tips on becoming the Director of your story:

Tip #1 - Visualise your creation

Every action and inaction that you take is led by the thoughts and information that is processed:

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

Lao Tzu

Thought and lack of thought processes can be both helpful and unhelpful.

  • you are living on autopilot – I go to work everyday 9-5; A great survival technique and one which allows the mind and body to work efficiently when needed. However, if not careful, you can find yourself in this state too long and unaware for change that needs to happen.

  • You are listening to your thoughts - "I’m anxious – thus I am now feeling anxious". A survival technique which can keep the human mind feeling stuck in this state rather than working through the emotion attached to the thought.

Living life on autopilot and the perceptions and stories you can play out in your mind in the blink of a second, is in essence for your journey to survival.

What we have not always been taught to do, is to exercise the visualisation technique to our advantage and create the story that you truly want to play out, change the beliefs so that a positive thinking pattern plays out to support you.

So, tell me …how do I visualise?

So here are some tips and ideas to help you get started

  1. Let go of any attachment to the clarity of visualisation. Everyone is unique in how they visualise. Some people will have an inner knowing, some people see colours, sounds, and for some, they can feel as if they are actually there.

  2. Meditation or a mindful walk - Build in space to regularly clear the mind. This will train the mind to let go of unhelpful thoughts and create space for new stories to take their place.

  3. Create a Vision Board – The creative process of building a vision board allows the mind to practice connecting all aspects with which you enjoy and value through the subtle action of identifying and choosing. At a micro level, the subconscious is raising awareness to what you like and dislike. Check out my latest workshop on designing your own unique Vision Board!

Tip #2 - Believe in the impossible …even if for now your visualisation feels like dreaming. If you’ve created a vision board, this is a great way to bring it into your daily visualisation practice. Allow yourself to feel excited that one day you will have achieved what felt impossible. One way I love to do this is to meditate on my Vision Board and bring the vision into reality. Self-belief may vary from day to day. It's important to recognise your progress and its role in the bigger picture. It can be helpful to note down all the positive wins so you have something tangible to recognise when the tough times arise. Tip #3 - Watch out for those pesky blockers! Catch yourself saying “I’m not …” “I don’t have…” “I will never…” “I can’t do…” See these as hurdles, everyone has these. Your challenge, if you wish to accept, is to find a way of getting over the hurdles. Letting go of any obstacles that you think you have is a process in itself! Tip #4 - Create your roadmap! You wouldn’t completely wing a long-haul trip across the world, and neither can you rely on going with the flow to achieving your vision. Absolutely allow some freedom on your roadmap. In fact, once you have your roadmap, use it with flexibility! Your roadmap will take consideration of

  • all the unhelpful beliefs and thoughts you have caught yourself saying. For example, a popular mistruth many people tell themselves is that they are not creative enough to design a better quality of life. Holding on to this belief will only block inspiration, and so would be wise to work through and clear this block. See your path as a river with dams along the way. Your role here is to allow the river to flow easily by knocking through the dams!

  • identifying and gaining the necessary skills, experience and qualifications;

  • what financial resources are required to acquire your vision;

  • and what support would be helpful or necessary along the way

Be challenging but realistic with your roadmap. Remember to look after yourself on the journey Tip #5 - Enjoy the journey!! This has been the hardest lesson I have personally learnt. It can be very easy to want your vision immediately, and to do whatever it takes to acquire it. The danger in this approach, is that you miss out on all the beautiful experiences along the way. Remember, It's the middle part of your story which provides meaning, shows growth and real change in yourself as a whole. It's the part where you will experience all the wins and lows, discover new things about yourself that may change your perspective. And the lows will help you to appreciates the wins even more! Ready to take on this amazing new role?

It's a full time commitment, but I promise you it has certainly been the most rewarding role by far!

In summary, if you can dream and and are willing to commit to your dream then you too qualify for creating your story.

I wonder what you would create, if you gave yourself that space and belief in yourself to transform 😍

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