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Are you “working too hard” and holding yourself back from your destiny?

Stop hiding behind being productive and allow your body’s internal sat navigation system to guide you.

Have you ever observed a deer in the forest when it senses danger?

The deer recognizes foreign or unnatural sounds through their highly attuned sense of smell and hearing. As they pause to assess the risk of the foreign sound or smell, they are identifying what action to take next.

As humans, we have forgotten how to use our internal sat nav system and so it when our mind seeks for safety, it returns to what it knows best to restore calm; such as completing the to-do list, at whatever cost that may be to your body.

The mind, body and soul already knows when it is out of balance, when to seek for safety and it already knows the answer required for you to resolve your problem!

But on the journey to becoming adults; in finding a sense of safety and security, we can become conditioned to work hard and ignore the signs.

And you may recognise these or similar phrases that you may have be told as a child?

  • “Stop being lazy”

  • “You need to put the work in to get good grades”

  • “Be positive, stop crying and get on with it”

  • “I don’t have the time”

And perhaps if you do; it may be unsurprising to recognise that you also:

  • fill up time to “feel productive”

  • believe that success is a direct link of working hard

  • disconnect to emotions and how an action would feel

  • avoid rest and ignore what the body is calling out for you

The permission to play is a concept in yoga philosophy that involves allowing emotions to guide oneself and restore a sense of balance in all aspects of life. When we understand and accept our own values, beliefs, and personality traits, we can establish the foundations and boundaries required to keep the authentic self safe to grow.

And from a stable foundation, the body’s internal sat navigation system can then find safety to allow the mind and body to play, to feel, to move, to create; to discover the solution you seek.

Allowing your energy centre to flow can come in many forms;

  • moving your body such as through dance and yoga,

  • connecting paint with paper,

  • forming stories with your children,

  • allowing your body to rest and restore when it needs to.

But they all require one common aspect; A strong foundation to feel physically, emotionally and energetically safe to create.

To create! We all create every moment. every day.
  • A new cell. Regenerating the mind + body;

  • A state of mind can create drama or inner peace;

  • A series of movements becomes a sequence; multiple sequences become a dance. many dances form a performance.

  • A new thought can lead to a concept. A new vision. A business idea. A problem solver.

As humans, we have the innate ability to create what we feel most connected to.

Yet, for many, being productive has felt safer!

So exploring the implications of being productive rather than feeling into our emotions?

If energy is being directed towards “thinking” and “taking action”, then consequently energy is being diverted away from “feeling” and “exploring”. Thus ask yourself, what will your body do with the emotions and senses that have been ignored in the creative process?

  • Forcing the brain to find a solution rather than trusting that the answer is within you and allowing the energy to flow to the surface.

  • Perhaps ignoring options and solutions which could be more valuable, more heart led, efficient or exciting.

  • How will the mind and body know that it can relax and restore to create the cells to keep the mind and body healthy?

So how about yourself?

Do you recognise when you are working from a state of imbalance? And if so, are you ready to bring your energy back into balance?

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