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Do you let your past define you? or can you embrace your past & move forwards with self-compassion?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Picture this…. Sat with your head in your hands, body curled into a ball, 3rd coffee of the day and waiting for a sensible time to open the vino ….as you melt away from the next drama in tow…. …thinking 🤔 "Why me?" Does that resemble a chapter in your life? Or where you are now?

If so, then please grab your cuppa, get comfy and read on …the pain you have gone through could be the door to your next chapter…

What if you already knew the ending to the story of your life? What if it were truly amazing? So incredible that you couldn’t put your story down. Would you choose to live that life? Would you to choose to go all in to make it happen? HELL YEAH! 🤩 SIGN ME UP! The perfect dream? To live the life you truly want to live, a life which you create YOUR creation, you earn from your divine energy and you feel rich in every beautiful sense… OK…now the version of you in your life you have ordered must be the purest and most authentic person of you that you can imagine. She radiates her incredible energy to the community around her, attracts what she desires and makes her plans happen. She believes that she can create, build and do whatever she puts her mind to, and has so much incredible strength to live and carry out her dreams. Ping! Order Received And so you arrive here on earth knowing what the perfect ending will be…. Your energy and mindset is pure and focussed. Everything you desire is drawn to you… And you live life fulfilling your dream life…happily ever after… The END! OK….That feels pretty boring don't ya think? How about the story starts with a troubled soul, whose destiny is to reach your destined ending? Maybe your starting point is growing up with a family who has instilled so much control in your life, you don’t know who you are, how to think or speak your truth, or maybe your parents didn’t know how to show love, and so you don't either… Maybe your family was so financially rich, you didn't see what it was like to live with nothing, and recognise gratitude…. There are thousands of possible reasons and beliefs that could stop you in your tracks or take you off course from reaching your destination. All from day 1 of your arrival on earth. So, in order to reach your destination, the Universe enrols you into the school of life….

  • To feel and experience control so that you can develop the intuition to know when it is helpful to you, and when it feels a burden.

  • To know your worth so that you can be in your power, and let go of the ties that are stopping you from moving forwards

  • To build the resilience in yourself so that you can have the strength to face the challenges in whatever road you choose to take

  • To discover your voice so that you can speak with authority and conviction

  • To feel anxiety to remind you to feel

  • To feel pain so you appreciate the beauty of life when you it is free of pain

  • To feel loss so you appreciate love

And many many more…. Every challenge, every hurdle may feel like a set-back, an unnecessary pain or a belief that your dream life just wasn't meant for you. Or you can choose to see each challenge, every hurdle as a building block towards creating who you are now. And towards your future self. I can appreciate why you may feel like throwing in the towel and taking the quiet road.

🙋‍♀️ I've been the person who lived the majority of her life living a lie, attracted to a life of control because that is all I knew.

🙋‍♀️ I've been the person that was so anxious to speak out, I would hide at the back of the room hoping to be ignored

🙋‍♀️ And I've been the person who struggled to create her perfect life, because I didn’t know how to create boundaries that let people and energies in when I wanted them to, and kept them at a distance at other times.

My story has created many tough times, challenging times where;

👉I have questioned who I am;

👉what I can do?

👉How come I got the short straw😤?

But I have also faced my burdens… 👉I have released parts of me that were created to protect me from pain, but then held me back

👉And I've released parts of me that were so untrue, but as a child I didn't know any different and

👉I've woken up to who I am and to what I am capable of!

✨I have learnt to recognise my energy that lives within me, to embrace my emotions and create the balance in me to be whole.

Every chain released I stand taller; stronger and lighter and step a step closer to the most authentic version of me. I don’t believe we are the finished product until the story ends. But with every chain released, you are embracing the new energy to come in and move towards your dream life, your perfect ending, and your happily ever after ❤ Top tips to help you think about your story….

➡ Write down the major challenges that you have faced

➡ Return to your list, notice what each challenge taught you

➡ Did you face the challenge? And if not? What stopped you?

➡ Notice any reoccurring events

➡ When you think about these situations….notice where do you feel it in your body?

➡ What needs to be healed, released or embraced for you to fully let go of this situation and step forwards into your power?

Let me know how you get on ♥, tag, comment below 👇 or share with someone who you think will appreciate this.


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