How your relationship with your dharma may be stopping you from achieving true happiness!

So you think you've figured out what you’re here to do and WOWSA…it sounds …AMAZING 🤩, totally feeling your dream!

But if you're reading this, then you are more than likely feeling stuck in your job watching the clock tick away... and your dharma…is just a dream slowly drifting away! And I wouldn’t blame you! I've been there! So kudos for you showing up and reading this blog and recognising that something just isn't right! 🤔 Maybe you have just started out on your journey towards building what your purpose here is to do,

🤔 Maybe you are completing courses, or your financial situation means that you life's dream is on the side (and let's be real here - life is not always so simple that we can take the leap and give the toxic job up as soon as we know what we want 🤷‍♀️)

Whichever part of the journey you are on.

Remember -> you are ON your path! But answer this.. What's your relationship with her like? A : I work so hard at my day job, looking after my family, making sure everyone else has what they need. There's just no time to spend with her! B: I plan in time for her, but then I have to cancel or rearrange, because something has come up C: I meet with her, but to be honest….i'm just not there with. My mind is on other things. D: I am ALL IN baby! I get so excited meeting her. I have off days, because life is real. But most days I am making sure she is happy, I put her first above everything else and she has what she needs to be fulfilled. She is growing, and I have the energy to keep this going for the long term If you answered D…. Well done!

It sounds like you are managing to balance your working life with creating your Dharma, and your energy is focussed on what you love doing. Your energy and your passion will be the fuel to build your new creation. Look after your energy…It is like gold dust. And is forever changing. You may be shown some curveballs that throws you off course, but listen closely to you heart and you won't drift far. If you answered A, B or C…. How would you feel if that were you on the receiving end? What excuses do you say to yourself for not spendin0g that committed time on her? Do you wholly believe in her? Or …do you push what she needs aside? If you were her, how long would you give it before you gave up, and settled for something else? Creating your new life IS like a relationship. And in the early days…it takes commitment. Like a relationship…. ✨ Your dharma needs to be nurtured, it needs to be listened to and be heard. ✨ Your dharma needs you to look after YOU so that you can give it the attention she deserves ✨ Your dharma needs you to treat her with respect. If you say you will turn up. Be realistic with what you can commit to, and deliver. ✨ Your dharma needs you to believe in her. So that you are her biggest cheerleader, and will be there to motivate her when time is tough, and work on what's dragging her back to her old life Like a relationship…. 👉 your dharma will drift away, shrivel up and feel distant if it isn't nurtured 👉 until you change your focus, your energy will focus on what it feel it needs to first and so will be spent leaving little or no energy to build your new creation 👉 if you give up on her, she will give up on you. It works both ways. You want to receive opportunities, you need to work on building the opportunities. 👉 If you don’t believe in her, what your dharma needs from you will give up first. You ever had those thoughts… 🤔."What’s the point, you'll give up on me anyway…!" Here is the good news! Your dharma is patient It doesn't demand And it rewards for what you put in! So here are my tips for making sure you and the relationship you have with your Dharma get along 😉

  • Be realistic with your commitments. Life is demanding…maybe you have family to look after and can only contribute a small amount of time a day, a week, a month.

That's Ok… You are still edging forwards! It may take a little longer to arrive at your destination. The important thing here is to be realistic with your stepping stones so that you appreciate the length of the journey and don't tire along the way.

Consider how you can get the best of your day, so that you are continuously edging forwards. What's your daily routine?

  • Get clear on what your priorities are in your life. What needs to happen for you to prioritise your Dharma? What do you need to stop doing?

  • Simplify your life - What you can let go of? It's amazing how much easier the journey is when you have less to carry. Think about your lifestyle, are you working to fund a lifestyle that doesn’t bring you happiness?

  • Protect your energy!

➡ What can you do to make sure you are in tip top energy everyday so you can give your all when you can on your Dharma? And conversely what can you give up?

For some, this may be looking after your diet, hydrating your body, exercising, for others it may be spending more time in nature, taking in mother nature and letting go of the stresses and strains of the week.

Think about the relationships you have with others and yourself. Are you saying YES to others more than you do to yourself? What about your beliefs? Do you dampen down yours to agree with others? By saying Yes to others, you say NO to yourself. Make sure that YES comes from a place of integrity. And let yourself be heard

  • Journal - the bad , the good and the Ugly! Often we just want to get past the ugly, or dampen it down….wine, a movie or whatever it takes. But that is all you are doing….dampening it! Let it heal!….let it be heard! Ask what is causing this emotion to arise.

  • Do more of what you love and less of what you don’t… really is that simple!

  • Get clear on what you need to do, learn or release to move towards and embody your Dharma!

  • And Repurpose!

  • What can you use from current situation to support you on your journey?

  • What opportunities are available to you to enable you to grow and will help you build your Dharma?

And please....let me know how you get on below..

or if you would like to connect, then please contact me and lets see how we can make your dreams a reality 😍