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Prior to purchasing and practicing Yoga, please ensure you have read and understood the disclaimer relating to Yoga. 

I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I had making them! 

If you do, please help me to make more videos by recommending my site to your friends/ family and/or I would be forever grateful for a review on my google profile 🙏🏻

Did you know?

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  • It's a place for you to learn + explore all things mind, body + soul;

  • And it's a place for you to connect, share experiences + ask for support through those difficult challenges


Check us out here...but remember, the more you connect + share, the more you grow + evolve!

I've come away with a toolkit for me ...that's great for me

I have practiced yoga for decades and had not previously experienced some of the amazing types and techniques introduced to me by Sinead. Personalised yoga designed for your bodies needs at that very moment in time is the ultimate luxury and most beneficial type of self-care I have ever experienced! I’ve come away with a toolkit for breath work, meditation, types of yoga and poses great for me and I use it daily.

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